Fattah Yemeni

Fatta is an Arabic dish whose preparation varies in each country. The Yemeni Fattah dish is brown or white bread prepared in the oven, cut into very small pieces, and chicken broth or meat broth is added to it, with municipal ghee or butter, and it is eaten hot, and some of them prefer to eat it with hot milk with butter or ghee, and it is eaten Both with boiled meat or hot boiled chicken and also with sehook. 

Fatteh is considered a very healthy and useful food, which is called porridge in Arabic.

Yemeni Fattah with ghee and honey

Yemeni Fattah with ghee and honey


  • A large cup of pitted dates 
  • Half a cup of honey
  •  A scoop of ghee. 
  • Dates and cream to garnish the face
  • Cup of flour 
  • Spoon of salt 
  • Half a cup of powdered milk 
  • Half a cup of water 
  • Gesture

How to prepare

    • In the pastry maker, you can start adding flour, water, milk, and dates. 
    • They must be sausage well until you get a medium dough. 
    • You can bring an oven tray and grease a little butter and pour the mixture into the tray. 
    • The tray enters the oven The tray is inserted.
    •  Decorate the face of the tray with dates and nuts and enter the oven until it is completely cooked, take it out of the oven, and cut it into pieces. 
    • After removing the Fattah from the oven, it is smeared with honey, ghee, and decorated with dates.

    Yemeni Fattah with Broth

    Yemeni Fattah with Broth


    • Moulouh bread,
    • Chicken Broth, 
    • Fenugreek, 
    • A little edamame, without gravy, 
    • Yemeni Ghee, 
    • Green Crushed salad.

    How to prepare

      • We cut the bread into small pieces as in the picture, then put the bread in a clay pot, if available, then remove from the fire and leave until the pot heats up a little, then we pour the broth on it and add the crushed salad and ghee.
      • Then stir your witty until the bread absorbs the broth.
      • Then served with the fenugreek with a thousand health and happiness.

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