Yemeni Salta

Salta is a well-known Yemeni dish that has a delicious taste and distinct flavor thanks to its many and varied ingredients. The Yemeni salad is prepared with meat and vegetables and flavored with the fenugreek. This dish is known as one of the most popular dishes in Yemen, and there are many restaurants that specialized in its preparation.

Yemeni Salta

The Yemeni basket has great benefits for the body, as it is mainly based on meat, which is the most important source of animal protein that improves muscle health and protects them from damage and atrophy. It also protects the body from anemia, thanks to its many components of vitamins and minerals. Fenugreek is a small grain that protects the digestive system.

Try the Yemeni Salta recipe, learn about its precise ingredients, how to prepare it step by step, and enjoy its distinctive taste and great benefits.


    • Two tablespoons of fenugreek.
    • a little water.

    Meat and broth ingredients

    • Half a kilo of meat is cut into square pieces for cooking.
    • Two potatoes, peeled and cut into squares.
    • 2 tablespoons vegetable cooking oil.
    • Salt as desired.
    • Two green peppers (cut into small pieces).
    • 4 cloves of garlic (crushed).
    • One and a half tablespoons of meat spices.
    • A large onion is cut into small pieces.
    • 2 tomatoes, cut into small pieces (or tomato sauce).

    koshna Ingredients

    • A bunch of green onions (balls), you can put a little green parsley, or green coriander, if desired.
    • One green pepper.
    • Dry red pepper.
    • Half a teaspoon of cumin.
    • A small spoon of salt.

      How to prepare

      • Put two tablespoons of fenugreek in water, and soak for 1 to 3 hours, depending on the type of fenugreek.

      To prepare the meat

      • We put the oil on the fire, then put half the amount of onions "half an onion", half the amount of garlic (two cloves of smashed garlic), and a grain of green pepper, and leave it on the fire until the color of the onions becomes golden.
      • Add the meat to the oil, and my heart to soften a little.
      • Add the potatoes and stir with the meat, then add salt and meat spices
      • Add an amount of hot water, and leave the meat on the fire until it is cooked, about 20 minutes in a pressure cooker and about 50-60 minutes in a regular saucepan until the meat is well done.

      To prepare the koshna

      • Put the oil on the fire, half a medium onion, and a hot green pepper
      • Add 2 cloves of grated or mashed garlic, and stir over the heat for about 10 minutes.
      • Add tomatoes or tomato sauce, and salt, and leave it on the fire for about 15 minutes, and add hot water as often as needed so that the onions and tomatoes do not burn.
      • We return to the fenugreek soaked in water, where we take it out, then start moving the fenugreek with a wooden spoon until it becomes a chain, and its color changes to white.
      • We prepare the greens of the fenugreek, by placing the koshna ingredients in a blender (balls, green and red peppers, salt, and cumin) and a little water, mix well, and then put the ingredients in a bowl.
      • This mixture is added to the fenugreek dish, spoon after another until the color of the fenugreek turns light green, and you can taste it to get the right taste.
      • We return to the meat after it is cooked, and take it out of the pot, and we break it up a little with a fork or spoon.
      • After breaking up the meat, we put on it some pieces of potatoes, a little kosha, and a little broth, and cooked rice can be added on top of the same plate, then pour the fenugreek over it, and leave it on the fire until it boils, and it is served well.

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