Yemeni Ka'ak

The traditional Yemeni Ka'ak that the people of Yemen adopt is characterized by its delicious taste, and the softness of its dough that resembles cotton, and there are many people who can prepare it, due to its simplicity and ease, as it can be served alongside tea, coffee, or juices for guests.

Yemeni Ka'ak

    The Ingredients

    1- 5 cups of flour or the required amount (Flour No. 1)

    2- A cup of warm water

    3- cup butter (liquid)

    4- A cup of water mixed with Nido milk (a cup of Nido liquid milk)

    5- 4 eggs

    6- A tablespoon and a half of yeast + a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar

    7- Salt

    8- A little black bean

      How to prepare

      1- Put the yeast and sugar in a bowl of warm water until it ferments for 5 minutes.

      2- Liquid milk, eggs, salt, black seed, and a cup of butter are added to the yeast.

      3- Add the flour gradually while continuing the kneading, taking into account not to knead it hard and knead it with the tips of the fingers, noting that as the kneading continues, no dough remains on the hand, meaning that it is not like the dough of the daughter of the plate or the pastry dough.

      4- You will have a cohesive dough similar to the Petit Four dough, but it is a little thicker and easier to form.

      5- Leave the dough for half an hour or less, depending on the time you find the dough has fermented.

      6- They are cut into small circles by hand, and each circle is cut with a knife horizontally and vertically, so we have small triangles, or they can be laid out in a circular motion and do braids on the edge of the circle (difficult to explain)

      7- Grease the tray with oil and stack the formed and cut dough in a circular motion.

      8- Each piece of it is brushed with the yolk from which the white has been removed.. It is placed in the oven, noting it from time to time.

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